These 5 Podcasts Might Just Help You Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution

January 30, 2018

No matter what your New Year's resolution may be, just about everyone could use a bit of help meeting it. Luckily, today there's a podcast for just about everything — including many common New Year's resolutions. Here are just a few of our favorite podcasts.

  • Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations. Find inspiration for meeting your goals and finding success with this podcast, which features Oprah's conversations with authors, actors, faith leaders, business people and other accomplished guests.
  • Millennial Money. Looking to start making the most of your money in 2018? Or maybe you're trying to get out of debt by the end of the year? This podcast will teach you the ins and outs of money in the modern world, including how to start investing, how to beat debt and even how to buy your first home.
  • FrenchPod101. Did you vow to learn a new language this year? This podcast features thousands of exercises in daily, conversational French, and it's an easy way to master the language with just a few minutes each day.
  • Don't Keep Your Day Job. Turn your dream into a reality with this podcast, which shows you how to start your own business or make money doing what you love.
  • TED Talks Health. If you made a resolution to get healthy in 2018, this series of TED Talks will teach you about nutrition, exercise, wellness and disease prevention.
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