Make a Mother’s Day Brunch at Portsmouth

Mother's Day is right around the corner, Portsmouth, and this year, instead of piling the family in the car and heading out for a pricey Sunday brunch, why not stay in and make something extra special for Mom? Courtesy of kitchen queen Martha Stewart comes an delicious brunch idea with a Parisian twist that's not […]

Segundo Pizza: One of Portsmouth’s Best

Lived at Portsmouth for awhile? Then you know that Segundo Pizza is our area's go-to spot for a quick, tasty, and classic pie. From thin-crust New York slices to calzones, sandwiches, and pasta dishes, all your favorite comfort foods are here, and at the right price — Segundo makes it easy to feed the family […]

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Portsmouth Families

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Portsmouth! So does the National Fire Protection Association. Nice of them, you say? It is. Because they've created these handy tips for safe Christmas tree handling. Among them: – Make sure your has fresh, green needles that cling to the branch. – Keep the tree at least three feet […]

Thanksgiving is Coming to Portsmouth!

Thanksgiving is coming, Portsmouth! Other than turkey and family members, of course, the centerpiece is the most important part of your Thanksgiving table. It's the focal point for everyone, the marker that it's autumn, the harvest is bountiful, and everyone is here to enjoy. Flowers and candles are traditional, but get inspired by this list […]

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